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Who We Are

Miguel talks to 8th graders about nanotechnology

Miguel F. Aznar — Director / Guide

Sustainability Tour is led by Miguel F. Aznar, veteran of the Sierra to the Sea Tour (in charge of Routes 1999 - 2003 and director of the whole 130-guest tour 2004 - 2009). Regular guests of Sierra to the Sea encouraged him to start an additional tour, one smaller, cozier, and more luxurious (much like this one). Sustainability Tour is Miguel's expedition of like-minded people exploring choices about our tools and our environment from the vantage point of bicycles. 

Miguel is also Executive Director of the nonprofit corporation KnowledgeContext, where since 1998 he has been helping young people think critically about technology. Giving talks, researching, writing a book (Technology Challenged), and writing a blog has made him keenly aware of how our tools affect our sustainability.  He directs Education at the Foresight Nanotech Institute and, each summer, he teaches a nanotechnology course at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Maura Noel 

Maura Noel — Guide

Maura is a captain of Team iN Training (TNT), the cycling fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is a thoughtful and intelligent observer of human interaction, both with other humans and with the environment. A patient and knowledgeable guide, she brings great enthusiasm to Sustainability Tour.

John Caletti

John Caletti — Mechanic

John crafts custom bicycles one at a time at Caletti Cycles.  During Sustainability Tour, he helps us reassemble bikes boxed for air travel and he stands ready to swoop in with his van if we can't fix a problem on the road. If you would like a bicycle crafted just for you, contact John far enough in advance, so he can have it ready for you to ride on tour and then take home.


Shanti Michelle — Massage / Yoga / Guide

Shanti massages as a kind of conversation. Your muscles speak to her fingers, and with healing intention she speaks back. You will be amazed how she combines the pleasure of a light massage with the therapeutic effect of a deep one. She leads our morning yoga and, if we are quite fortunate, may even sing a bit in the evening. She raced bicycles in college, but makes riding at our more sedate pace appear effortless.

Peter Meyer

Peter Meyer — Guide

Peter is with us because he is an accomplished distance rider, a superb eater, and knows the best riding in the area we explore on Sustainability Tour. He is relentlessly positive and cheerful in a very low-key manner, sourcing from a grand, inspiring perspective on both life and riding. You could not ask for a better companion on a ride, long or short.





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