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Where We Stay

Monterey Bay at our feet 

Sustainability Tour stays in apartments on wooded hills overlooking Monterey Bay.  These are operated by the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC). As you can see above, taken from the deck of our community room, the bay is at our feet.  Between us and the bay, cows graze:

Cows graze between our apartments and Monterey Bay 

Most of our apartments have an upstairs and downstairs, each floor with two rooms (one double and one single) and one bathroom. If a couple would like their own bathroom (and floor), please indicate this on the Registration form. We will let you know if we can accommodate you before you pay for the tour. Our apartments have a community room, shown below. We use this space for morning yoga and for after-dinner talks, discussion, movies, singing, and communing.

Community room for our apartments

Reaching the University of California Santa Cruz is easy.  If you do not cycle or drive here, fly to San Jose International Airport (SJC) and take the Early Bird Shuttle or Surf City Shuttle to campus and back.

The apartments also have a living room and kitchen, but we won't cook there because breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared for us nearby. Vegetarians and omnivores will find plenty, much of it local and organic. Vegans, please tell us on your registration, so we can provide meals without any animal products.

organic salad

On days that take us far (around 50 miles), we will have lunch "out there" among the farms and parks.  On shorter days (less than about 40 miles), we will return for lunch and offer an optional, faster afternoon ride.  Lunches and dinners at our home at UCSC include an organic salad bar.

morning yoga

Included in the tour is morning yoga to help stretch your muscles and calm your mind, ingredients of sustainability.  A short walk away you will find a swimming pool with a view of the bay, weight room, racquet ball courts, and running track...for when you tire of cycling.  Access to these facilities is included in your tour. At your own cost is massage we offer in the afternoon and evening.

Swimming pool overlooking Monterey Bay


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