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What to Bring with You on Tour


Please bring nothing to smoke unless you respect campus policy of staying at least 25 feet from all buildings while smoking (and then please be careful because there are lots of fields and trees that could burn).
Thank you.

farm beyond bicycle

  1. A bicycle with low gears for hills. Have it checked at your local bike shop to make sure it's ready to go.  If it needs a part that takes weeks to order, find out early.

  2. Helmet, sunglasses, gloves, shorts, jerseys, and (in case mornings are cool) windbreaker, long-fingered gloves, and knee warmers. We will demonstrate a hand-crank washer and line-drying (what could be more sustainable?) or you may use a conventional washer nearby, if you'd rather not bring a cycling outfit for each day.

  3. Cycling shoes you can walk in (we like the much-copied SPD cleat system on mountain bike shoes).  We visit farms, parks, etc. where road racing style cleats will make you wobble and worry about getting dirt in them.

  4. Lightweight sandals or shoes, especially if your only cycling shoes sport the hard-to-walk-in racing cleats, and you choose to carry these along for farm visits.

  5. Warm clothes (hat, jacket) for early mornings and nights. Casual clothes for yoga, walking, hiking, and lounging. Sports clothes if you plan to swim, run, lift weights, or play racquetball. Also a flashlight for a night walk into the forest.

  6. Toiletries: sunscreen, lip balm, toothpaste, shampoo...oh, you know what we're talking about! Plus a bathrobe and alarm clock. We provide towels and washcloth.

  1. Bicycle lock.  Not that you would need it for your bike parked inside our apartments, but you might wish to skip a ride and cruise down to the beach. Bring a small pack, too, so you can carry your lock, towel, sunscreen, water, etc.

  2. Water bottles and/or hydration pack. You will want 2 full bottles or a Camelbak-style pack for our rides... and also for yoga, walks, or hikes.

  3. Spare parts for your bike. While there are plenty of local bike shops and we will have spare tires and tubes, they may not be the brand you favor and shops typically order unusual parts rather than keeping them in stock. So, if your wheels use exotic spokes, bring a couple spares.

  4. MP3 player or iPod if you'd like to download sustainability-oriented podcasts from our computer.

  5. Money for massage, souvenirs, and laundry.

  6. A sense of wonder and playfulness. We all love to ride and explore and learn. Join us!


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