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We've reduced our use of fossil fuels by bicycling, but how are we eating, clothing, sheltering, entertaining, and — after the tour — working? Sustainability Tour will explore how we can live better by living in harmony with Nature...living consciously.

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Some bike rides are just for exercise

Sustainability Tour is for exploring

Bicycle the beautiful coast and mountains of Santa Cruz, California.  Visit organic farms, sustainable vineyards, and ecological homes. Taste varieties of wines, herb teas, juices, tomatoes, honeycomb, and more.


Models of sustainability invite you in to share their passion about living gently on this Earth. Experienced local guides show you the best cycling roads of the area, offering both relaxing and challenging options.


Start the day with yoga and finish it with a massage. At dinner we put the day's discoveries into context, digesting ideas as we refuel our bodies.  Then back to our community room for conversation or a guest speaker. Or early to bed with one of our many sustainability-oriented books or podcasts.


cycling above Monterey Bay


At the end of the week, you will have explored the most beautiful back roads of Santa Cruz County, been nourished with the finest foods of the area, and seen a cornucopia of ways to live sustainably ... as a pleasure, not a sacrifice. If even a few of these practices become part of your life, we will have succeeded.

window path to bay 

Tours begin Sunday, end Saturday, and include comfortable accommodation (apartments among the redwoods above Monterey Bay), healthy and ample meals (emphasizing local and organic), guides, mechanical support, and introductions to people as interesting and environmentally conscious as you could hope to meet.


Returning to our lodging each day accommodates partners that cycle little or not at all (we offer alternate activities: swimming, weight room, racquetball, hiking). Limited to 15 guests.



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